Who we are


In the cities of Romania each citizen must enjoy a clean environment. Communities and authorities must support continuously the sustainable development of the urban environment.


In our urban ecology laboratory we place the quality of the environment at the heart of all the projects we develop.
We focus on two directions:
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  • First direction: we contribute to the construction of a sustainable metropolis, by green education or by promoting alternative transportation.
  • Second direction: we support constructive dialogue between public and private sectors, civil society and authorities.[/list][quote align=\”center\” color=\”#999999\”]The concern for environment starts at small scale, from the people’s apartments, from the front of their buildings and from personal choices.
    Raluca Fiser, President of Green Revolution[/quote]

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  • Creativity: we generate new ideas, we encourage change and we take calculated risks in developing sustainable initiatives.
  • Proactive and with impact in the society: we take note of the problems around us, from the ordinary citizen’s point of view, and we initiate activities to solve them. We do not wait for things to get solved on their own and we start from the root of the problem, generating sustainable results, with visible impact in the society.
  • Open and constructive attitude: we respect our partners, we are open to new ideas and initiatives; we believe that the best solutions come from team work, not individual work.
  • Equidistance: our interest is that of the cities’ inhabitants. We do not have political color or appurtenance.
  • The power of positive example: we believe that change is easier to accept by creating positive experiences.


Supported and promoted fields

In five years of experience, the Green Revolution Association has demonstrated that the imagination, energy and enthusiasm of a young team had the capacity to develop local and national projects with impact, visible, quantifiable outcomes. By its projects, the Green Revolution Association promotes and supports: [list type=\”check\”]

  • Green education and respect for the environment;
  • Selective collection of packaging waste;
  • Ecologic and economic transportation means and solutions: the use of bicycle as alternative transportation; execution of bicycle lane systems; electric vehicles;
  • Adopting an environmental responsible behavior amongst authorities, private and state companies; we support & promote green businesses, including the creation of green jobs;
  • Environmental legislative projects;
  • Healthy & eco life style: bio products, healthy food; eco solutions and equipment for large scale consumption; green buildings; reduction of raw materials and energy consumption (private and industrial).


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Energy Globe Award 2010/2011 – NATIONAL Award for Romania/European Excellence Awards 2011 – ,,Ecology and environment”, nomination/Green Awards 2010 – Best Green Third/Charity Sector Campaign Award, Top 3/PR Award 2010 – Silver Award, CSR section/ ECOTIC Award Gala for clean environment 2010 – Nomination/Civil Society Gala 2010 – Nomination/Jury participation, at Freedom House – “Young journalist of the year”/Jury participation, at the Civil Society Gala


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