Winners of the Green Report Gala, 3rd edition

Awards for the best environmental and sustainability projects in Romania in 2023 were presented last night

The best environmental and sustainability projects in Romania were awarded on January 18, at the third edition of the Green Report Gala, the most prestigious annual event dedicated to recognizing sustainability initiatives carried out in Romania by companies, public institutions, or individuals.

The Green Report Gala, held this year under the theme “Emerald City,” took place at the Throne Hall of the Royal Palace, in a fairytale setting inspired by “The Wizard of Oz” story, with special guest Alexandru Tomescu, the renowned Romanian violinist. The event brought together authorities, ambassadors, individuals from companies or non-governmental organizations, all sharing a common interest in the environment and a more sustainable world.

Alexandra Bocșe, State Counselor at the Presidential Administration, conveyed the message of the Presidential Administration:

“Our leadership in the field of climate change is based on a partnership between institutions and non-state actors. We hope to enjoy the same openness and support from you in implementing the ambitious environmental goals and climate objectives that we have set in various strategies.”

Minister of Environment Mircea Fechet was present at the event and addressed the audience:

“Fortunately, Romania still has some of the last primeval forests in Europe. Fortunately, Romania still enjoys fantastic biodiversity. We can think about what is happening today, about the fact that, as some specialists say, it may already be too late – the incidence of extreme weather events, floods, storms, strong winds, heatwaves, or drought. These are things we are already facing today in Romania, and for this reason, I want to thank the organizers once again, I want to say that beyond what is happening today, beyond the fact that we will reward the most sustainable companies and projects, I cannot help but think of the people who choose to lead a sustainable life. I want to thank them and hope that together with all those in this room and beyond, we will succeed in building a greener future for Romania.”

This year’s projects were evaluated based on a clear and transparent mechanism by a jury of experts in environmental and sustainability issues: Ramona Jurubiță, Country Managing Partner, KPMG Romania & Vice President of the Foreign Investors Council, Marius Brînzea, Strategy Director, Reciclad’OR, Andreea Mitiriță, Partner, PwC Romania, Sorin Elisei, Director, Leader of sustainability and energy practices, Deloitte Romania, Raluca Popa, Partner taxes EY Romania, and Florin Stoican, President, Kogayon and Vacaresti Natural Park Associations.

The winning projects were as follows:

  • TRANSAVIA achieved the EXCELLENCE IN AGRI-FOOD award with a total of 8.63 points.
  • ÎNTREVECINI and LIDL Romania received the award for EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGNS, both with 8.9 points.
  • Techbolide ranked first in the category of EXCELLENCE IN MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT with 9.05 points.
  • ELMAS SRL and FLIP were awarded the EXCELLENCE IN CIRCULAR ECONOMY prize, each with 8.25 points. ELMAS was also awarded in the same category last year.
  • Viitor Plus – Association for Sustainable Development is the organization that received the EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION award this year, scoring 8.08 points.
  • Mega Image stood out for its strategy in EXCELLENCE IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY, scoring the most points with 8.75.
  • BRD Groupe Société Générale ranked first in the category of EXCELLENCE IN FINANCING ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS, with 8.2 points.
  • TRANSAVIA achieved EXCELLENCE IN WATER CONSUMPTION MANAGEMENT, receiving 8.88 points in this category.
  • Coca-Cola HBC Romania is the winner in the category of EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATION, scoring 8.63 points.
  • The Brăila Agricultural Research and Development Station received an award at the Green Report Gala for the second consecutive year, this time for EXCELLENCE IN NATURAL HERITAGE CONSERVATION, scoring 5.5 points.
  • Autonom Services SA was awarded the prize for EXCELLENCE IN SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT, scoring 9.3 points.

“We are grateful and happy that year after year we have with us people, companies, associations, institutions that trust they can build a greener world. We want to bring them into the spotlight and reward them for their merits. They are living proof that it can be done and that you just have to want to succeed. The power of example is what inspires people to evolve and bring out the best in them, as Glinda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, said: ‘You’ve always had the power, you just had to learn it.'”, stated Raluca Fișer, President of the Green Revolution Association.

An initiative of the Green Report publication, a leader for 15 years in environmental and sustainability topics, for the third consecutive year, the Green Report Gala awards excellence and recognizes the most important projects in the field of sustainability, both in the private and public sectors.

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