Our projects are interconnected and aim to be like a breath of fresh air for those who understand how important it is to keep up with environmental news and to act as decisively as possible towards a more sustainable life

> 1,2

IVelo users since the program was launched

35 locations

in Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara

Urban Mobility

It’s easy to see life through rose-colored glasses when the city is a little greener. That’s pretty much the effect IVelo has on urban congestion. Over 1.2 million people have used the bikesharing service. They cover over 2 million kilometers each year and contribute to reducing approximately 51 tons of CO2.

That’s why we plan to expand the bike network and make two-wheeled transportation as accessible and easy to use as possible for all those who care about their health and the health of the city they live in.

Environmental education

Environmental education is probably one of the most important aspects when it comes to sustainability. People have begun to become increasingly aware that every gesture matters and that they are directly responsible for protecting the environment. And our mission is to encourage them and provide them with as many means and opportunities as possible to be informed and to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

> 78,000

unique monthly visitors on

> 1 million

people visited “Roaba de Cultura”

> 150 Conferences

organized by Green Report, for the past 15 years

> 16,000 participants

cumulative in previous editions


Green Revolution Association has become a platform for dialogue with authorities through which we try to find realistic solutions regarding sustainable development and environmental responsibility. We are proud to have contributed to the promulgation of the Picnic Law in 2010, a law that prohibited picnics from being organized in areas other than those specially designated, as well as Law 132/2010, which provides for separate waste collection in public institutions.

At the same time, we are members of the WCA (World Cycling Alliance) and ECF (European Cyclist Federation), where we have been in leadership committees in recent years. At the local level, we have institutional partnerships with AmCham, AHK, and BRCC.

Short history with the year of launching our projects


• Air for cyclists

• Green Report Podcast

• Green Box




• Green Report Gala

• “2nd life Toys” Fair


• CFE Certification

• I’Velo Corporate


• Green Report Conferences

• I’Velo App

• Cycle Friendly Employer Certification


• Green Report Conferences


• Urban I’Velo

• Green Report Conferences

• Bike2Work


• Green Report Conferences

• Bike2Work

• I’Velo Mobile App


• Cyclist Law

• Breathe Deep

• Well-being (launch)


• Bikes with Full Baskets

• Cycle Logistics (launch)

• Green Politics (launch)

• Tales on 2 Wheels Book (publication)

• Mobility Management Conference


• Picnic Law (enactment)

• Green Bee (launch)

• Country Bike


• Roaba de Cultura (launch)

• BikeFest (launch)


• IVelo Relax (launch)

• studentObike (launch)

• Bicycles with a Tie (launch)

• Law 132/2010 (enactment)


• Green Parliament

• Green Capital Grows

• On Pedals (editions 2009, 2010)

• Green Business Index


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