About us

Green Revolution supports the reduction of pollution in major cities, of the impact human activities have on the environment, as well as the increase of inhabitants’ life quality in major urban agglomerations. We suggest and implement, with the authorities, coherent environmental strategies and policies. We militate for the introduction of the bicycle as alternative transportation, for the reduction of energy consumption, for the use of renewable sources and green technologies, for the implementation of selective waste collection systems, for awareness and green education in schools.

How do we do this?

We act on two directions:

  • First direction: we implement projects that address environmental and education issues. Projects are implemented with the help of sponsorships received from companies and also funds attracted from the donations of natural persons.
  • Second direction: we offer support and get involved in a permanent dialogue with authorities in order to improve environmental policies and strategies.


Why we do this
We spend most our lives in cities, and the cities’ “health” is our health. We believe that rebuilding a city on green principles is a priority both for citizens and for authorities. Ecology means evolution, it means a healthier and happier life for us and our followers.