Green Revolution, in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Mastercard Romania, launches the first Infrastructure Pop-up

The Green Revolution Association, Romania’s first urban ecology NGO, in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Mastercard, proposes an innovative solution to the sustainability infrastructure problem. The concept, already launched in Bucharest, is based on Infrastructure Pop-ups that integrate several essential elements for Romania’s sustainable future:

  • Supporting alternative mobility through secure bicycle parking with BBOX.
  • Contributing to the decarbonization of urban logistics through the FANbox service.
  • Encouraging sustainable transportation by installing e-charge stations by Renovatio for electric vehicles.
  • Investing in energy efficiency through the use of solar panels.
  • Promoting selective collection and managing waste management through the installation of an Envipco collection device for SGR and NON SGR packaging.

These infrastructure Pop-ups aim to integrate several macro concepts into a smaller, easily usable and installable space, thanks to the modular and scalable solution. A significant problem, which seemed to be exclusively the responsibility of the state, has thus found an accessible solution for the private sector. These modular boxes can be placed in various locations, proving extremely useful for the needs of local communities, thanks to the combined sustainable concepts.

The first Pop-up of this kind, developed by Green Revolution in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank Romania and Mastercard Romania, has already been placed in Bucharest, at the intersection of Unirii Boulevard and Nerva Traian, aiming to address some of the major issues faced by people in communities when it comes to sustainability and resource management.

“Our projects respond to the current issues of society. Bucharest has to achieve objectives related to the decarbonization of transport, waste collection, pollution reduction, and improving air quality, according to the targets set by the European Commission. Solutions exist; the only thing needed is prioritizing people in sustainable urban planning. The infrastructure Pop-up is an example of such a solution, which we believe will be embraced by the local community. Our goal is to continue developing such projects in Bucharest by the end of the year, with plans to expand to other cities next year,” says Raluca Fișer, President of Green Revolution.

Given the increasing purchases of electric vehicles, the growing use of bicycles as a means of transportation by more and more Romanians, the awareness of the importance of collecting and recycling packaging, and the need for FANbox-type services, this agile and innovative concept is a necessity that saves time and resources. The project aims to encourage both citizens open to adopting a sustainable future and support and motivate representatives from the private sector, who often encounter bureaucratic barriers or those of state institutions.

“We have been partners with Green Revolution since the launch of I’Velo, the first bike-sharing program and one of the most prolific urban ecology initiatives in Romania. We are pleased to enter a new stage of partnership development and that together we can now bring a novel urban sustainability solution. In all community involvement endeavors, we come with a vision oriented towards positive impact and believe we can make significant changes when we focus on everything that unites us: caring and the desire to make real improvements around us, and the first Sustainability Pop-up is a good example in this regard,” adds Laura Mihăilă, Director of Marketing, Communications & CX, Raiffeisen Bank Romania.

“By 2050, it is estimated that more than two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas. With the acceleration of the urbanization process, significant challenges arise regarding the need to develop equitable, sustainable, and innovative communities. The solution to these challenges is digital transformation. At Mastercard, we actively collaborate with public and private partners, as well as NGOs, to provide solutions for smart cities, from infrastructure and mobility to inclusion and economic development. We are delighted to be alongside Raiffeisen Bank and Green Revolution for this innovative project, which, through its versatility and usefulness, will have a positive impact on local communities,” said Ioana Gorgăneanu, Vice President, Head of Marketing & Communications Southeast Europe, Mastercard.

In the coming months, the placement of such infrastructure Pop-ups will continue in other Bucharest neighborhoods. Additionally, in the near future, the initiative aims to invite all sustainable brands and companies to create their personalized infrastructure Pop-up.

About Green Revolution

Green Revolution is an urban ecology association, founded in 2009, with the aim of making Romania’s cities greener, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. Green Revolution initiates and implements extensive environmental education projects and constructive dialogue with authorities and stakeholders involved to improve environmental policies and strategies. Among Green Revolution’s most well-known projects are the Ivelo bikesharing centers, the Green Report environmental news platform, Green Report conferences and Gala, and the Roaba de Cultură, the first urban meadow in Bucharest. More information about projects on

About Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Raiffeisen Bank, a top universal bank with solid capitalization and liquidity, operates on the Romanian banking market, serving over 2.2 million customers, individuals, and legal entities. The bank has over 4,800 employees in 284 units, 1,131 ATMs & MFMs, and over 27,800 POSs.
For over 25 years, Raiffeisen Bank has supported the Romanian economic environment, offering financial products and services developed to meet customers’ needs. With responsibility as a fundamental principle, we contribute to society’s development through financing the real and sustainable economy. At the same time, we are involved in the community, supporting five development pillars: education, urban ecology, sport as a healthy lifestyle, innovation, and last but not least, art and culture. Since 2023, Raiffeisen Bank proposes a new approach and perspective on banking services, through the launch of “Banking 1:1”, an interactive way to simulate configuring a financial plan for our customers, using the Smart Finance application, developed by the team in Romania.

About Mastercard

Mastercard is a technology company in the global payment industry. Our mission is to generate and develop a comprehensive digital economy that provides secure, simple, intelligent, and accessible transactions for everyone, everywhere. Through secure data transfer and impenetrable networks, partnerships, and with passion, our innovations and solutions allow individuals, financial institutions, governments, and companies to reach their maximum potential. Our connections cover over 210 countries and territories, thus building a sustainable world that provides everyone with access to invaluable opportunities.

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