Gala Green Report

Linkedin Facebook Instagram Green Report Gala We have always believed in the power of example, which is why we wanted to promote and reward successful projects in the field of sustainability. The Green Report Gala is the most prestigious annual event dedicated to these projects carried out in Romania by companies, public institutions, or […]

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Green Report Podcast

Linkedin Facebook Youtube Green Report Podcast We wanted to take our initiative further by bringing sustainability closer to people through constructive dialogue with both specialists and authorities. The Green Report Podcast puts forward topics that concern us all, discussing them with businesspeople, politicians, authorities in the field, and public figures. Together, we can learn

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Green Report Conferences Green Report Conferences The Green Report Conferences emerged from our ongoing concern to place environmental issues on the public agenda in Romania. We are joined by individuals who can make a difference through their roles in society, politics, administration, or business. Every year, between 8 and 12 conferences are held on environmental topics such

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2nd Life Toy Fair

Facebook Instagram 2nd Life Toy Fair One of the fundamental principles of the circular economy is Reuse-Repair-Recycle, and this needs to be taught from a young age if we want future generations to be more environmentally friendly than current ones. The simplest and most accessible way for anyone to start this process is with toys,

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Roaba de cultura

Facebook Instagram Events Schedule @ Roaba de cultura Roaba de cultura We want to bring culture closer to people and people closer to nature as part of our efforts to educate towards a sustainable lifestyle. Thus, the “Roaba de Cultura” project was born in 2011, in Herastrau Park, on the Pescarus Meadow, a place designed

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Green Report, the environmental news platform

Linkedin Facebook Youtube Green Report, the environmental news platform Education starts with information, and from the very beginning, we have taken on this role through the Green Report environmental news platform. Green Report provides daily updates on the most relevant environmental news, both from Romania and from the European Union and the rest of

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Air for Cyclists Air for Cyclists Transportation has a major impact on air quality in Romanian cities, and decarbonizing it is one of the main solutions. In 2023, we set a partnership between Ivelo and the air monitoring platform, Aerlive, to increase awareness of air quality in Bucharest and the impact we can have on it by

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Infrastructure Pop-Up – Sustainability Box Infrastructure Pop-Up – Sustainability Box Also, with the aim of bringing sustainable lifestyle closer to people and making it more accessible, we conceived a unique project in Europe – the Infrastructure Pop-Up. The Infrastructure Pop-Up is a modular and scalable sustainability solution for every neighborhood, where everything is at hand. Under one roof, people

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BBox, secure bike parking Part of our mission to contribute to changing urban mobility plans is the development of infrastructure that encourages people to use bicycles as a means of transportation. Bicycle storage is a problem for many, especially when living in apartment buildings, so we wanted to find a sustainable solution. We collaborated with

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Facebook Instagram iVelo, bikesharing system The iVelo bikesharing project started in 2009 with a center and 100 rental bikes, aiming to provide a valid solution to issues regarding air quality and decarbonization of transportation in Romanian cities. Our main objective was to bring about a paradigm shift in urban transportation and people’s mindset. We

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