A New Green Report Podcast Season

How can we arrange our home in a sustainable manner? Find out in the first episode of Season 3 of the Green Report Podcast.

Green Report launches the third season of the Green Report Podcast with Raluca Fișer. The Green Report Podcast brings to the forefront topics related to sustainability that concern us all, which we discuss alongside business people, politicians, authorities in the field, or public figures. Together, we can learn to accelerate both the implementation of policies that impact the environment and the responsible personal gestures that should become natural.

The first episode of this season begins with a discussion about sustainability in interior design, a current and interesting topic for anyone decorating their home, but not only.

In a world where every choice matters, sustainable interior design is a commitment to lasting beauty, not only in aesthetics but also in ethics. Anna Chițan, interior designer from Annterior Studio, talks to us about her innovative approach to space design, an approach where aesthetics harmoniously blends with functionality and the longevity of materials used.

Here are some of the most important ideas discussed in the podcast:

  • The potential for transforming a small space into a functional and quality one is very high. Small apartments built during the communist period are often more functional than those built in the present day.
  • It is important to value and make better use of old furniture or decor items. These are often better made and of higher quality than new ones. Not only do they add to sustainability and design, but they also give a special charm to the space in which they are integrated.
  • Natural materials are more durable, even if they appear more expensive. We will enjoy them for a longer time, and the patina that a natural material acquires over time is very beautiful.
  • Trends should be avoided in interior design because they are unsustainable and a sure recipe for boredom in a few years.
  • Art is very important in interior design – we should look for more art, in any form, even that made by anonymous artists. Many beautiful works can be found at fairs or on online commerce platforms, without being very expensive.
  • The colors to adopt in a sustainable home are natural ones – both light and dark. They are a safe choice that we will not get tired of in the long run.
  • The cost of renovation and interior design for a home represents approximately 70% of its value, taking into account, of course, the size of the home.

These, along with many other interesting things about sustainable interior design, as well as about Bucharest and its architectural heritage, you will discover in the first episode of Season 3 of the Green Report podcast, now live on green-report.ro and on the Green Report YouTube channel.

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