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Cine este şi ce face un ”youthbanker” în România

Filantropie, antreprenoriat social, ecologie, responsabilitate socială sunt doar câteva dintre domeniile pe care le explorează tinerii ”înrolaţi” în mişcarea Youth Bank România (YB), prezentă în ţara noastră din 2006. Printre calităţile unui youthbanker, care are proiecte diverse, amenajează spaţii verzi, face drumeţii, învaţă să mănânce sănătos sau participă la competiţii de ciclism, se numără entuziasmul, creativitatea şi seriozitatea. Iar pentru că un youthbanker, care are la dispoziţie un an să devină, pe rând, iniţator, specialist şi finanţator de proiecte, rezultatele se măsoară, cu siguranţă, şi în cifre. Youth Bank România are, acum, aproape 500 de membri, liceeni din 15 oraşe din ţară, care au strâns, până în 2014, fonduri în valoare de aproape 95.000 euro şi au finanţat, până în prezent, 329 de proiecte ale colegilor lor, de care au beneficiat, indirect, alţi 150.000 de tineri români.


Volunteering, the best example of democracy

Supporting an initiative or an endeavor matters and if you choose to be in the middle of these things, you will know that your mark is in everything that is being built.

NGOs are not about fame, money or acknowledgement; most of them were born of the passion and faith that if you want and have patience, you can make a difference in the world and in the peers’ conscience.
We are no exception, that is why we chose the road of involvement, patience, and fight against neighbors’ and authorities’ inertia. We have projects in education, ecology, sustainable transportation, business. We have friends, collaborators, supporters, fans. We have big ambitions and we believe that, so far, we delivered. We will not stop here and that is why we thought that, whatever change we might make, you can also be a part of it.
If you want to join us and be a volunteer in our association, all you have to do is let us know and we will provide the logistics, our know-how and the joy of working together. Fill in the form I want to be a volunteer and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Notice: The volunteers may receive, upon request, internship certificate, based on their activity within the association.

    Involvement is the key to change

    The stories we write behind screens, in the meeting room or in the lunch breaks turn into beautiful realities.

    Our business card is not a webpage or media articles, but the things into which such stories have transformed, people’s joy when riding a bicycle, when relaxing in the park, reading, listening to music, enjoying with their children, when their efforts to transform the environment into an ally are rewarded, when their voice is heard and transforms, not into a rally or protest, but into a festival of freedom, play and joy.
    I’Velo, BikeFest, Green Bee, Cultural Wheelbarrow, GBI are just some of the projects of the Green Revolution Association that are part of our peers’ daily life. And more will follow, because we can, we want and we do not give up.
    After five years of activity and several million persons involved in the activities conducted outdoor, on bicycles or in parks, activities for children, families, we challenge you to take the Green Revolution story further.

    How you can get involved

    • Redirect 2% of the income tax to the account of the Green Revolution Association. Download the form here and email us to send you our contact information.
    • If you are a legal entity, sponsor a project with a cause you support.
      Contact us by email: or by phone: +40 21 310 63 97. We are at your disposal to provide all the information you need.
    • Or you can donate things you have enjoyed and would like to give away. You can be sure we will take good care of them!