I’Velo Relax

I’Velo Relax, for long rides in the city or in the park

I’Velo Relax is the national bike-sharing project aiming at gradually introducing bikes in the urban life, especially for recreational purposes and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

In its 7 years of existence, I’Velo has managed to make 1,400,000 Romanians cycle and has contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere by approximately 2,180 tons.
In 2016, I‘Velo centres could be found in Bucharest – Herastrau Park –Charles de Gaulle Square, Arcul de Triumf and Tineretului Park –Gheorghe Sincai entrance, but also in other cities in Romania: Iasi –Independentei Blvd., Brasov – Sfatului Square, Constanta – Gravity Park, Sibiu – Cazarma 90, Alba Iulia –Unirii Square and Oradea, in 1 Decembrie Park.

“In the seven years of its existence, I’Velo has proved that it is a CSR project responding to the needs of citizens in the urban environment. Cycling as means of transportation and leisure activity has already proved its benefits: from lower noise and air pollution, social incursion, but also its benefits to the cyclists’ health. Cycling is an alternative means of transportation and we wish to show our openness towards a constructive dialogue with the authorities to support the establishment of the necessary infrastructure and laws so that all cyclists could ride safely in the city”,
stated Raluca Fiser, President of Green Revolution.
“Since 2010, when we launched I’Velo, and up to the present time, we can say that we have managed to show that cycling can be not only a leisure activity, for the weekends, but it can be also used to get to and from work. We want to encourage people to continue to cycle as much as possible, to leave their cars at home and cycle for their health and the health of their city”,
stated Corina Vasile, Director for Communication and Public Relations, Raiffeisen Bank.


In 2016, I’Velo centres in Bucharest recorded over 100,000 users. Thus, in the centre at Aviatorilor – Herastrau, Charles de Gaulle Square, in 205 days of operation, almost 47.000 inhabitants of Bucharest chose the yellow bikes for rides or to travel from one point to another in the city. Also in Herastrau Park, the centre in Arcul de Triumf recorded 14,145 users, while, in the centre in Tineretului – Gheorghe Sincai, 43,400 inhabitants of Bucharest relaxed riding I’Velo bikes during the 205 days of operation.

At national level, I’Velo centres can be found in 6 cities: Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu, Iasi, Alba Iulia and Oradea. In the approximately 200 days of operation, over 19,000 people from Constanta and tourists chose I’Velo bikes to relax or to travel from one point to another in the city. In Iasi, 1,500 people rode I’Velo bikes, while, in Brasov, the I’Velo centre in Sfatului Square recorded 1,300 users. In Alba Iulia, almost 3,300 users were recorded, while in Sibiu 2,700 users rented the yellow bikes. In Oradea, over 5,000 people rode I’Velo bikes.

The same as in the previous year, I’Velo bikes were available both against payment and free of charge. Users under 16 years of age and pensioners could rent the bike for free, based on the student notebook and pension slip, respectively..

The I’Velo project, initiated by Raiffeisen Bank and Green Revolution, is organised with the support of the City Halls in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Iasi, Constanta, Alba Iulia, Oradea, and Bucharest Administration of Lakes, Parks and Leisure Activities.