Green Business Index

Green Business Index (GBI) is the barometer of Romanian companies’ environmental responsibility.

Free instrument for the evaluation of Romanian companies’ environmental responsibility according to the principles of ISO 14001 and ISO 19011, mechanism for monitoring green initiatives in the Romanian business sector, GBI is an assistance and training instrument for the improvement of environmental performance.

What we want to do

We want to encourage and support companies into investing for the transformation of the Romanian economy into a green economy. Green Business Index is an assistance and evaluation instrument both for companies and for authorities and wide audience. By attracting companies and authorities into this project we can make a “green” radiography of Romania’s economy. Green Business Index is also an instrument for awarding and acknowledging companies that have shown involvement and excellence in the field of environmental protection. Each year, we have the Green Business Index Gala in which we award the most responsible companies. Green Business Index is supported by strategic partners, with relevant expertise in environmental protection and sustainable development: ISPE, National Institute of Economy, Transportation Department (UPB), ECOIND.

How you can benefit from GBI
  • Register your company, free of charge, during registration period, on
  • Fill in the questionnaires according to the area of activity (industry/production or services/commerce)
  • Fill in online the 7 GBI questionnaires


Green Business Index questionnaires
Sustainable development / impact on environment / sustainable transportation / use of resources / building condition / green procurements / waste management
Assessment of environmental responsibility

The data collected from companies is processed and evaluated by independent environmental experts, based on environmental performance indicators during the reporting period, and then centralized.

The companies’ ranking

The Green Business Index top is generated based on the evaluation results, for each separate field. At the end, companies benefit from a free evaluation report of environmental performance.

The fact that GBI 2011 platform is kept and improved in form and content is praiseworthy. I attended the first edition, the one in 2010, for a double purpose: on one hand it is the desire to share Lafarge’s efforts to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment, and on the other, to use as referential in reforming the aspects we want to improve from one year to the next. If in 2010 we completed the fields regarding sustainable development and waste management, in 2011 we added the environmental impact.
Camelia Savoiu, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Lafarge Ciment, winner of GBI 2011 in the category Environmental Impact (industry/production)
Benefits of participating in the GBI
  • Increase of market value
  • Improvement of company image
  • Brand consolidation
  • Developing client loyalty
  • Public acknowledgement of the efforts made by companies for environmental protection
  • Joint interest from collaborators and employees
  • Generating dialogue between authorities, companies and press
  • Free evaluation of environmental performance
  • Access to consultancy for increasing the level of compliance with the new environmental legal requirements
  • Improvement of environmental performance
Continuous advancement

The indicators and criteria based on which the Green Business Index is made are continuously improving and adapting to the Romanian and European economic situation, rules, norms and legislation. The annual feedback from companies is integrated in the following editions. The purpose of this process is to make in instrument that presents, as accurately as possible, the companies’ efforts and the level of environmental responsibility. For better information, you can download the GBI 2013 Report here.


  • Preliminary analysis of the openness to business behavior that is responsible for the environment


  • Adjustment of the evaluation instrument to the two main sectors of the Romanian economy: industry/production and services/commerce


  • Introduction of environmental performance indicators in all GBI questionnaires
  • Free evaluation report of companies’ environmental responsibility (SWOT analysis)
  • Consultancy services meant to optimize the use of resources


  • Offering training sessions to the employees of requesting companies, in the fields of GBI
  • Market analysis per sectors (IT&C, Telecom, constructions, automotive, food, etc.)