Green Revolution and CycleLogistics encourage the use of cargo-bicycles.

Conducted from May 2011 until April 2013, CycleLogistics is a project financed by the European Union by means of the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) program, covering 11 countries in Europe, which intends to reduce the energy used in urban freight transportation. The Green Revolution Association supports the initiative of CycleLogostics and during September 10th 2013 – April 30th 2014, it implements various actions to promote bicycles as main means for travelling and transporting light freight.
In the context of a large number of road jams, increasing concentration of polluting gases in the atmosphere and the fact that light goods are often transported on very short distances with large gauge vehicles, it is desired to replace motorized vehicles with bicycles for the transportation of light freight. The action will be focused on the areas within European cities, subject to pollution and crowdedness, mainly due to vehicles.
It is a well known fact that a vehicle travelling without being fully loaded is a waste of resources. For this purpose, CycleLogistics encourages the use of bicycles in daily rides, for shopping, weekend trips and more.
For this purpose cargo-bicycles were created. Manufacturers presented numerous bicycle models and accessories, with various functionalities and all that the cyclist needs to do is choose the right model, considering the length of the rides and the weight of transported goods.

As regards the advantages of velo logistics, we mention:

  • Decrease of energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Traffic decongestion, decrease of noise level and pollution
  • Extension of available space for citizens
  • Increase of life quality in the urban environment

Any cycling lover will choose the bicycle over the car. Indeed, one of the great advantages a car has to offer is the storage space, but choosing a bicycle is a cheaper, healthier and faster solution. Although it may be hard to imagine that shopping, delivery and transportation of goods can be performed by bicycle, the people and entrepreneurs of several European cities are demonstrating that this is the most effective option.
Studies initiated within the CycleLogistics project demonstrated that bicycles and cargo-bicycles could support:

  • 51% of all deliveries made in European cities which are currently using various motorized vehicles
  • 90% of all trips to the supermarket

If these trips would be made by bicycle, this would mean 37 million tons of CO2 reduction per year or 1% of current emissions in Europe, according to the Mobility Centre in Austria. Cities such as: Copenhagen, Brussels, London, etc., are well known for using cargo-bicycles to transport/deliver light goods and we want to bring this concept also to the Romanian public.

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