Bicycles with ties

Bicycles with ties is the first bike-sharing gratuity programme in Romania for business centres.

This programme is intended to encourage biking to work, but also during working hours. The bicycle can be the link between a trip to the office, a ride during breaks or during the weekend. Since May 2010, the year when the programme was launched, 11 companies and public institutions have embraced it.

Why are we doing this?

Our association promotes bikes as alternative means of transportation. Business centres, which are generally located in busy areas of the cities, account for a large number of young and active employees. Bicycles with ties is intended to attract this audience, to determine these people to use the bicycle as means of transportation. The project also offers a solution to the parking space issue and busy business centre areas.

This project is something we’ve all been waiting for this year and, because we want everybody to enjoy healthy rides in the open air, we hope to be able to continue this project in 2017 as well,
stated Delia Carstean, CSR Manager ING Asigurari de Viata
Project partners

In 2016, Bicycles with ties was present in 11 companies/institutions (Raiffeisen Bank, NN Asigurari de Viata, Orange, Grigorescu Stefanica Law Office, the National Bank of Romania, the Social Democratic Party, National Environment Protection Agency, Ministry of Environment, Chamber of Deputies, Hambar Brasserie, Ogilvy), 14 centres, 4 cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj).

  • Raiffeisen Bank – 2 centres: Brasov and Bucharest (Sky Tower office)
  • Orange Romania – 4 centres: 2 in Bucharest, 1 in Cluj and 1 in Timisoara
  • National Bank of Romania – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • NN Asigurari de Viata – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • BPV Grigorescu Stefanica – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • Social Democratic Party – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • National Environment Protection Agency – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • Ministry of Environment – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • Hambar Brasserie – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • Ogilvy – 1 centre in Bucharest
  • Chamber of Deputies – 1 centre in Bucharest


“We’ve joined this project because biking is a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We want ING Bank employees to enjoy more the ride to the office or to any place in the city”,
stated Iosefina Frolu, Corporate Communication Director, ING Bank Romania